The newest version of the game BackBird is now available on Android and iOS for free. It brings many interesting and innovative updates. Some of them are rewards for new users, invulnerability after watching videos, better shooting options, graphic optimization and one that particularly stands out and is the most motivating one the option for Message of the day.

bb_ptici_48x48px_1_page_01With the new updates BackBird will share his wisdom with you through the game. You will get motivating and inspiring messages from him on a daily basis. With this gesture he will try to make your day better and happier. Beside this option to get messages daily, the BackBird game now has wisdom quotes that appear during the game. Due to the fact that BackBird is a wise bird we tried to show that in the game as well. Now he can share his knowledge and wisdom and try to encourage you to do the impossible. All of his wisdom quotes which he was sharing on social media and his webpage are now also available in the game itself. With his wisdom BackBird will carry us on his wings towards new hope and an optimistic and positive seeing of the future. One of the few wisdom quotes you will receive daily are:

  • Every achieved goal is an opportunity for new victories.
  • We can always change our course of life.
  • Laughter is the best medication for many problems.
  • Working without thinking is not good but neither is thinking without working.
  • Beautiful soul build beautiful life, beautiful life build happiness

The new improved version of the game BackBird is now available. So don’t wait and help our hero fight the bad birds. In return he will reward you with some of his most touching and inspiring wisdom quotes.

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