The brain of a child undergoes an amazing period of development from birth until early adolescence. This development is influenced by numerous factors such as child’s relationships, environment and experiences. Parents play a significant role in building their child’s brain development. It is crucial for parents to teach their children to learn things through different channels as quickly as possible.

Due to the fact we live in a technology era, children are growing in a world that depends on technology and is surrounded with it. If used properly technology can be a great asset for building a child’s brain development. Technology shows us how we successfully improved our society. It is a tool that can positively affect our performance at work or at home and as I mentioned it can also help us enormously with the brain development not only in children but in adults too. Games can be such tools. When games are used in a proper way they can open a new horizon in our brains and help it develop immensely.

The proper way of using games concerns the choice of the game and the time children are allowed to spend playing these games. By doing only these two things we offer our children a new and interesting world to explore from which they can learn things in a creative and fun way. Many studies show that learning things through creative ways is easier and more efficient. BackBird is one of the games that encourage brain development in children. It reassures a faster processing of information and gives them conceptual skills. These conceptual skills give children the ability to think creatively and understand and analyze ideas. The idea of learning through mobile games can be very handy and parents should definitely try it.

In conclusion we can strongly claim that numerous games such as BackBird can encourage a positive brain development in children to a great extent. It is of great importance to be aware of this fact especially if one is a parent because the brain development in children is the most important one during their childhood.

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