All of us have heard stories about courage. When we were children, the superheroes that were saving the world from the bad guys represented courage. As we were getting older we started to admire courageous people who achieved mesmerising accomplishments and change the course of life and how we think about certain things. People who fought in the war, who save lives and help others became our new superheroes. Nevertheless courage is a characteristic that not many have but should because it gives us the ability to do the impossible.

BackBird is the hero of the newest game available on Android and iOS, the BackBird game. He is a courageous fighter who will try to save his world from the epidemic that is quickly spreading and threatens to destroy all birds. He is strong, wise and fearless but also noble because he will sacrifice himself in order to save his spices. He teaches us that such sacrifices are worth if you help others. Because helping others gives meaning to your life. Fear will not stop him from the goal he set. And fear is the only thing that keeps us from being anything we image to be. Everyone is scared from something but turning your fear into an asset is what great people are all about. BackBird teaches us that the first step of becoming a courageous person is to conquer fear by facing it.

BackBird is the superhero of our childhood who fights bad birds in order to save the world. Because of his courage he is a leader who will help you find yours. All of us have hidden talents and great qualities that are not shown to the world because of fear. Courage is the ability to face fear and pain and make it into an art. It can really make you unstoppable. As Winston Churchill once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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