A new version of the game BackBird is now available on Android and iOS. There are many new options such as updated and better shooting possibilities, rewards for new users, invulnerability after watching videos etc. But the most interesting new thing that the new version offers is the option Message of the day. Every day you will get a special wisdom quote from our hero and saviour BackBird who with this gesture wants to motivate you and make your day brighter.
backbird for kidsBackBird has a kind heart and he wants to bring peace and love to the world. He wants to defeat the epidemic and free all birds from it. He is also aware how strongly connected are the body and the spirit. BackBird knows that if you choose your battles just because you think you are physically ready you will lose them. You need wisdom, planning and a good strategy to win. That is why he choices his battles wisely and carefully. He strongly believes that we should not desire fame and destruction but instead wish to always improve ourselves and help improve the world. He fights not because of atrocity, revenge or ambition but because he desires to fight evil and free the world of birds. BackBird is aware that if the desire to succeed is bigger than the fear of failure winning is guaranteed.

In other words BackBird is everything that a hero should be. Brave, strong, energetic, loving and wise. And with the newest update he wants to share his wisdom with you. You will get daily messages with inspiring and motivating quotes because BackBird wants us to have fun, learn and be wise. So download the new version on Android or iOS for free. BackBird awaits to make your day better and he will try to encourage all users to find the hero and their wisdom within.

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