Every new year is a new beginning. It is a chance to start all over.  Every year after 365 days we get a new opportunity to leave behind everything bad that happened to us and start fresh with an open mind and heart. Although every day can be a starting point, there is something special when you leave a year behind and start a new one. No one can go back and change their decisions, moves and missed opportunities but that is why anyone can start from now and make a new beginning.

BB_GPlay_4B_logoDue to the fact that everyone can start a new beginning even our hero BackBird started one. This year there is a new version available of the BackBird game on Android and iOS. The game is now better, more interesting and even more popular among people. With the newest update our hero BackBird became even stronger with an updated shooting option. He is also wiser and even more dedicated to his goal to save all birds. Now he can save the world from the epidemic and the bad birds in a more effective way because he can destroy them faster with your help. The graphic optimization is also improved and there are rewards for new users. We always try to be innovative and stay interesting and that is why the new version of the game was produced. We also care about our players and fans and make sure everybody is satisfied. You will enjoy our new version of the game more and will connect with our hero BackBird to higher level.

The new year brought more strength to BackBird so he can be a better fighter and a better version of himself. We should all try and be the best version of ourselves. Because when we are left alone to fight our own battles, we are all that we have.

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