BackBird is the main character in the newest game available on Android and iOS, the BackBird game. He is energetic, confident, strong, fearless and wise but also spiritual, visionary, unpredictable and courageous. The hero BackBird is a true fighter who will try to save the world from the epidemic that threatens to kill all the birds and we must help him do so.

heroOur hero BackBird starts the game as a pale old bird that’s gets younger as it progresses through the different levels. This teaches children to never give up and that helping others can give a meaning to their life. The main goal of our hero BackBird is to bring peace and love to his world. He can teach us to be relentless and persistent since only with patience and persistence we can achieve anything we wish for. Our hero BackBird teaches us to be strong and how to find our inner strength in order to conquer everything we want to.

He follows his own morals and nothing can steer him away from them. He also sacrifices himself in order to save the other birds from the epidemic that is quickly spreading and he expects nothing in return. With this noble gesture our hero BackBird shows us all that sometimes it is important to sacrifice everything for the ones we love and the things we care about. He is truly the voice of hope in his world. He hates violence but will strike in order to protect and help those in need. Children can easily identify themselves with our hero BackBird that is why this game can be perfect for them. Every child needs someone as BackBird in their lives because he is a hero that gives life lessons. He can motivate you and teach you many things about peace and sacrifice. BackBird is the hero in his world who teaches you to be one in your own.

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