The worst thing in life is to talk about others without any information about them. To properly introduce ours heroes, we are going to dedicate this blog post to our characters. You already read about the army of trio? —here is the story about them.

Let’s start with Akoni, black bird with angry look.


He is cruel, very persistent and the leader of the “gang”. His nickname is The General. The Slogan of Akoni is to control the world. That’s why when he fly’s he looks very serious and strong. His attitude is cocky, complacency and he is a big drama king. We could say that sometimes he can be a little bit annoying. The way he thinks a little scare me, he always says to be cruel and determinate if you want to succeed.

I agree with him to be determinate to reach your goals, but to be cruel – never. Akoni’s modus operandi or we can say his method of working is to be sneaky and resourceful. He has strong vital energy, that’s the reason he became The General of the “gang”. Sport and trainings are his life. He’s in great shape because of that. You may never say, but his favourite food is omelette and any kind of meat. Shorter, he loves food with a lot of proteins. What he values the most in life is power, reputation, long life and comfort. Akoni’s ambition is to become the best warrior in the world. When you meet him he will say: “Beware of me!” or “Cruelty is my way of life!”.

Second on my list is Fortunatus.

fortunatus A Green bird with a helmet and a gas mask. He is a bit overweight, but that doesn’t matter, because The army trio is nothing without him. He is very mysterious, dangerous and a little bit weird, he likes to follow birds. Whenever he has a chance, he pursuit our BackBird – so be aware of him! His life moto is to never sink in a war. That’s why he is always annoying, disrespectful and mysterious. His friends call him The mysterious one.

His way of thinking is: “Do it yourself and you will succeed”. He has strong will and he will always avoid drama, two of his positive things. He wants to live slow and die fast. He loves food. His favourite food is chips and sweets. What he values the most in life is happiness and you will not believe good food. His ambition in life is to have the best store of poisonous gases on the world.

The last but not the least of The army trio is Morbus.

morbusBrown bird with a sad look, he is old and non-athletic. The opposite of Akoni. Because of his age he is a little bit forgetful but still wise and smart. He’s weapon addicted bird. His friends describe him as very friendly and funny bird. He always uses sarcasm in his sentences. Morbus nickname is The wise bird.

Because of his wisdom I really like the way he thinks, he always says: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. He is unpredictable bird, that’s why you need to pay attention on him. He is very ambitious bird. One day he wants to have the biggest store of weapon on the world. He wants to be young again, to be even wiser and not to forget things. He really loves his friends, especially Akoni and Fortunatus. Often you hear him say “I want my rifle. Weapons for life. Wisdom is all you need beside a good rifle.” His favourite food is stew.

the army trio


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